Wednesday – Google, Elastic, Mozilla

Wednesday 05.12.12 Tour day 3:

Half time of our tour and still many appointments to go and people to talk to.
On Wednesday we had few of our tour highlights. We started with Google in the morning, Elastic Inc. before lunch, Mozilla in the afternoon and a 3D-printer meet-up in San Francisco.
Seeing what the 18 year old Palo Alto startup Google has become is just amazing. Larry Page and Sergey Brin created a 30.000 employee company and a huge building complex. Their initial idea of organizing the web resulted in the typical Google searchbar. The technology behind google is just sick. Being one of the most innovative and sophisticated companies in the valley Google has always driven their very own initiative and ideas to reach their goals and to seek for innovation and chances. We met two german developers, originally from KIT, who showed us around and answered our questions. Google is also a very interesting company from the employee perspective. Things like 20% time, no fixed working times, and tgif (Q&A with the founders every Friday) make the company culture very dynamic and intelligent.

Our time on the google campus was limited and we could not see everything by far. But this slight look on this world and game changing company was more than just a vision, it was reality.

Our second stop was Elastic Inc. Elastic offers a solution to provide startups with sales teams and a sales intelligence software. Even though this might sound very common, their technology seems to be a new and innovative product on the market. We talked with one of the founders who is actually from Germany and told us his Valley history. Dropped out of school, he decided to leave Germany behind and start to come over to the US. Being an Entrepreneur was not only the more interesting opportunity than school, no it was also the start of his very own careerpath.

Our third appointment began with problems. Being in an elevator with 17 people might not be the smartest idea. In fact we made it 50 cm till the elevator stopped and kept us for 2 hours. Fortunately nobody got hurt or anything bad happened.
We took it easy and Pascal Finette at Mozilla then provided us with beer and a highly inspirational talk about the real motivation of being an Entrepreneur. Passion focused product development and meaningful companies can satisfy yourself. Pursuing wrong goals can be dangerous for yourself. You might become successful but you will not feel comfortable being in the situation just because you did what you do. If you can become successful in something, than you can definitely become successful in the things and the projects you like and love.

Few of us went to a 3D-printer meeting at the TechShop in San Francisco and got their hands on the very promising technology. Days are long in San Francisco and having appointments all day long is very interesting, interactive and inspiring. But somehow after you got stuck in an elevator for 2 hours and you had appointments all over the day it is also perfect to relax and getting to know the German-house community at Stanford Campus in the evening.

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